Reflective Glitter collection 25 colours set
Reflective Glitter collection 25 colours set

Reflective Glitter collection 25 colours set

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Introducing the Reflective Glitter Collection, a radiant assembly of 24 gel polishes infused with sparkling glitter to bring a dazzling reflective finish to your nails. The collection, complemented by a comprehensive color chart, offers a variety of shades that gleam with every flicker of light, just like precious gemstones scattered under the sun.

  1. Silver Spark – A metallic silver that mimics the brilliant sparkle of a starlit night.
  2. Bronzed Gleam – A rich bronze that glistens with the warm radiance of a sunset glow.
  3. Rose Quartz Radiance – A soft pink with the tender shimmer of rose quartz.
  4. Midnight Twinkle – A deep, dark blue loaded with the twinkle of the midnight sky.
  5. Burgundy Blaze – A bold burgundy that blazes with depth and shimmer.
  6. Golden Glimmer – A true gold that offers a timeless sparkle and sophistication.
  7. Copper Crush – A warm copper bursting with the allure of a freshly struck penny.
  8. Ruby Ritz – A glamorous ruby red that dazzles with richness and charm.
  9. Peach Prism – A peachy hue that casts a soft, iridescent glow.
  10. Tangerine Tint – A zesty tangerine shade that shines with a citrusy sparkle.
  11. Rose Gold Rush – A trendy rose gold that's all the rave, with a luxurious glitter finish.
  12. Taupe Twirl – A swirling taupe that dances with specks of light.
  13. Seafoam Shimmer – A fresh green-blue that recalls the shimmering surface of the sea.
  14. Aqua Allure – An alluring aqua that captures the playful light of shallow waters.
  15. Lavender Luster – A glistening lavender with a gentle and enchanting sparkle.
  16. Periwinkle Pop – A sparkling periwinkle that pops with vivacious glitter.
  17. Sapphire Shine – A brilliant sapphire that gleams with a regal and rich sheen.
  18. Indigo Illusion – An indigo imbued with a mesmerizing, reflective magic.
  19. Candyfloss Glitz – A sweet, soft pink that sparkles like spun sugar.
  20. Mauve Mystique – A muted mauve that mesmerizes with a discreet glitter.
  21. Wine Wonder – A rich wine color that pours elegance into every sparkle.
  22. Orchid Opulence – An opulent orchid shade that flourishes with sparkling depth.
  23. Crimson Craze – A crazed crimson that captivates with its vivacious glitter.
  24. Pink Diamond Dust – A delicate pink infused with the luxury of diamond dust.

The Glittering Spectrum Collection is designed for the bold at heart, offering a high-shine, chip-resistant formula that ensures your nails are the highlight of every occasion. Drench your nails in the opulence of glitter and let them reflect your most brilliant self.

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