What is


Manicure is a cosmetic treatment for your hand and fingernails. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped. You will then have your cuticles pushed back and tidied. You will also receive extra hand care for deluxe packages, including a relaxing lotion massage or an exfoliation. The final step will be painting the nails with a colour of your choice: acrylic, SNS, shellac, and normal polish are the top choices. However, if you are unsure what to get for your nails, it is best to figure out what type of nail you have and what service would fit.

How often should you get a manicure?

If you are keen on keeping your nails in the best shape and look, our Nail Bar technicians suggest getting a manicure every two to three weeks.

What are the three benefits of manicure?

Investing in manicures won't be that much for the health and maintenance of your nails as they give more benefits and go further than aesthetics. Here are three major benefits of manicures that benefit your overall health and well-being.

Nail Health

Manicure is important in maintaining nail health as your hands go through many work and environmental stressors daily. Manicure will help your nails and hands recover from cracked hands, calluses, pollution, and unsafe sun exposure. Most importantly, regular manicures will help remove dead skin cells and encourage new skin cell growth, which are keys to growing strong and luscious nails. 

Boost in Blood Circulation

The hands carry through many daily tasks, which consistently affect the blood flow, joints and muscles and expose them to strain. A manicure usually involves a hand massage which promotes blood flow and increases blood circulation. A hand massage also helps improve joint mobility and help reduce muscle pain.

Self-care and Stress Management

Manicure is a great self-care practice to allow yourself to unwind and de-stress. Whether you need time to slow down, think, read or just want to sip your favorite latte while waiting to get your nails done, a manicure offers a perfect opportunity to take a few minutes out of your busy schedule.

What manicure packages do The Nail Bar offer, and how do they differ?

To cater to different wants and needs regarding manicures, The Nail Bar provides a wide range of manicure packages while upholding our premium service quality in every appointment. 

Basic Manicure - I'm Good Package: 

This service is for you if you're after an express and economical manicure. The package includes tidying your cuticles, cutting and shaping the nails and finishing with your choice of polish. 

Deluxe Manicure - I Love Me Package: 

Deluxe service is your call if you're on for an intensive and more beneficial package. All standard and basic manicure services are in the Deluxe. It has additional trimming, soaking, buffing, premium exfoliating and a lotion massage. Though it is quite pricey, the amount you pay is not compared to the quality and benefits it produces. You can have a deluxe manicure monthly or come in every two weeks. 

Standard Manicure - I Do Care Package: 

I Do Care is the most popular manicure package at our Nail Bars. The included works are similar to the deluxe option, except for the exfoliation. Our technicians recommend having a standard manicure for in-between visits (every 2-3 weeks), in which you want to change your nail colour but don't require deep care for the hands.

What add-on services are available for manicures, and how do they make a difference to the health and the appearance of the hands?

When it comes to extra, there's nothing wrong with getting them. The Nail Bar also offers paraffin treatment that enhances your satisfaction, including moisturising, softening skin and pain-relieving. If you are after a manicure, want a quick polish change, or are desperate for radical changes to the health or appearance of your nails, book in for a manicure at any of our Nail Bar salons.