Autumn collection 24 colours set
Autumn collection 24 colours set

Autumn collection 24 colours set

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Introducing the Autumn Harmony Collection, a luxurious array of 24 gel polishes that perfectly capture the essence of autumn's rich and warm palette. This comprehensive set includes a meticulously designed color chart, providing a full display of the season’s bounty in elegant hues.

  1. Café Crème – A soft, milky brown that wraps your nails in the comfort of a warm latte.
  2. Spiced Pumpkin – A vibrant, rich orange that’s as inviting as a slice of pumpkin pie.
  3. Golden Maize – A creamy yellow that recalls the golden fields of harvest.
  4. Blushing Maple – A muted, dusty rose inspired by the gentle blush of falling maple leaves.
  5. Rustic Copper – A deep, metallic orange with the burnished glow of a cosy, crackling fire.
  6. Sundown Sienna – A subdued, earthy red reflecting the hues of the sun setting on an autumn evening.
  7. Toffee Twist – A warm, caramel brown that evokes the sweet joy of toffee apples at a fair.
  8. Harvest Gold – A muted, mustard yellow that brings to mind the bounty of the autumn harvest.
  9. Acorn Amber – A deep, translucent amber as rich as the treasure-filled forests.
  10. Peach Harvest – A soft, pastel peach reminiscent of the gentle glow of an early autumn dusk.
  11. Mahogany Glow – A rich, chocolate brown that exudes the luxury of a mahogany-paneled library.
  12. Twilight Taupe – A deep, smoky taupe that captures the stillness of twilight under a harvest moon.
  13. Burnt Umber – A dark, earthy brown infused with the essence of autumnal warmth.
  14. Crimson Foliage – A vibrant red that mirrors the fiery leaves of autumn trees.
  15. Mellow Marigold – A gentle, subdued orange that’s as soothing as a quiet walk through a fall meadow.
  16. Wild Mushroom – A soft, natural brown that brings the earthy beauty of the forest floor to your nails.
  17. Autumn Fern – A rich, dark green, reminiscent of the deep ferns found in a secluded wood.
  18. Chestnut Charm – A deep, reddish-brown as inviting as a chestnut roasting on an open fire.
  19. Butterscotch Bliss – A creamy, butterscotch hue that’s as sweet and rich as the candy itself.
  20. Sage Wisdom – A muted green with the wise, calming presence of sage leaves.
  21. Pecan Pie – A deep, warm brown that captures the comforting essence of a homemade pecan pie.
  22. Cinnamon Swirl – A warm, medium brown with the spicy allure of a freshly baked cinnamon roll.
  23. Evening Eggplant – A deep, purple-brown that brings the luxurious feel of eggplant to your autumn palette.
  24. Red Wine Reverie – A sumptuous, deep red that’s as intoxicating as a fine glass of red wine by the fireside.

The Autumn Harmony Collection is your invitation to indulge in the romantic, sophisticated colors of fall. From the harvest to the hearth, every shade is crafted for lasting beauty with a chip-resistant, high-shine finish. Let your nails reflect the splendor of the season with the full spectrum of autumnal elegance at your fingertips.

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