Vintage Verdure collection 18 colours set
Vintage Verdure collection 18 colours set

Vintage Verdure collection 18 colours set

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Vintage Verdure 18-Color Gel Polish Set 

Step into the lush tapestry of the past with our Vintage Verdure collection, a specially curated 18-color set inspired by the opulent and naturalistic hues of the Baroque era. Each color tells a story, drawn from the rich palettes of historic landscapes and still-life paintings.

  1. Antique Ivory – A creamy, subtle off-white that whispers of aged parchment and vintage lace, perfect for a refined, classic look.
  2. Sunlit Goldleaf – A warm, muted gold that evokes the soft glow of a candlelit chamber, ideal for a touch of everyday luxury.
  3. Willow Whisper – A gentle sage green, as serene as a stroll through an ancient topiary garden at dusk.
  4. Mossy Myths – A deep, earthy green reflecting the dense foliage of old-growth forests, perfect for those who are drawn to nature’s mysteries.
  5. Citron Charm – A dusky, muted yellow, reminiscent of a baroque gown faded gracefully with time.
  6. Gilded Ochre – A rich, earth-toned yellow that captures the warmth of a sun-soaked tapestry.
  7. Parchment Cream – A soft, pale yellow echoing the pages of a well-thumbed classic novel.
  8. Olive Elegance – A sophisticated olive green that would not be out of place in a baronial hall’s velvet drapes.
  9. Baroque Bronze – A warm brown with golden undertones, harking back to the intricate bronze sculptures of the era.
  10. Verdant Vignette – A vibrant, mid-tone green as lively as the ivy climbing the walls of historic manors.
  11. Terracotta Tapestry – A burnt orange that recalls the rustic pottery adorning the alcoves of old-world villas.
  12. Forest Fable – A rich, storytelling green, deep as the ancient woods that inspired the fairy tales of yore.
  13. Harvest Gold – A deep yellow that captures the essence of golden fields ready for harvest under a setting sun.
  14. Regal Emerald – A jewel-toned green fit for royalty, reflecting the grandeur and splendor of Baroque adornments.
  15. Rustic Gold – An old-world mustard, as comforting as the soft, flickering light from a hearth.
  16. Peasant’s Pick – A cheerful, bright yellow as optimistic as the sunflowers in a provincial bouquet.
  17. Noble Pine – A dark, dignified green that conjures up images of grand forest hunts and timeless tapestries.
  18. Artisan’s Moss – A crafty, creative green shade that pays homage to the artistry and skill of the era’s master painters.

Every bottle in the Vintage Verdure collection is a nod to a bygone era, brought to life with modern, long-wear gel technology for a finish that is as durable as it is beautiful. Unleash your inner artist and adorn your nails with the depth of history and the quality of today.

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