Your Nail Shapes May Reveal Exactly Who You Are

Believe it or not, you nail shapes reveal a lot about your personality traits than you may realise. The length, the edging and the intended cuts, that composite a unique shape of your liking, they also reflect who you are, your ways of living and thinking.

1. Square: 

If you're choosing a square shape most of the times, you're probably a strong, organised and neat individual, who often stands out as the leader at work, in friend groups or at home. You don't tend to sugarcoat matters, and prefer a straightforward approach. 

Butterfly Nails with a Square shape, pink gel colour and a pink glossy top coat

2. Almond: 

A choice of almond shape reveal an elegant, charming and feminine personality type of you. Almond shapes doers are often good communicators, whose words are wise and selective that usually charm people. They are also very observant, and usually pay closed attention to details. In addition, people with almond nails are careful, that they always have a back-up plan in almost every situations. 

Almond Shape Nails with pink ombre, nude ombre and a designer nail look

3. Squoval:

Squoval is a sweet spot between maintaining the assertiveness of a square shape, without missing on the elegant feel of a round edge. Squovalers are also simple, classic and stable individuals, who are often reliable friends or partners.

A squoval nail set, with blue and pink marble design

4. Ballerina/Coffin: 

If you're choosing a ballerina/coffin shape from times to times, you're sure a young, and trendy person, who constantly self-update on the unconventionals. There is a big chance that you're also confident, comfortable in your own skin and do not hesitate to speak your mind. 

ballerina nail shape, extended tips, extended length with a blue marble design and a base of shellec nude colour

5. Stiletto: 

Stiletto is new to the family of nail shapes, however its unique shape has won many likings over recent years. If you're attracted by this highly pointed nail shape, you must be a creative and bold person, who is open-minded to new ideas, and often are the rule-breakers in the room.

Which is your go-to shape? And does your nail shape accurately reflect your true personna? Let us know in the comment.

No matter which nail shapes you found the most relatable, The Nail Bar could always make and custom the shape of your choice. 

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