The Nail Bar Murray Bridge Facebook to be renamed The Nail Bar Beauty & Co

Dear valued customers of the Nail Bar Murray Bridge, 

Thanks to your love and support, The Nail Bar Murray Bridge is now in the process of launching a new nail salon in Norwood, Adelaide. 

To efficiently manage social media activities for the two salons, the company management team has decided to rename the existing The Nail Bar Murray Bridge Facebook page to The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. 

The Nail Bar Beauty & Co Facebook page will be installed with the Stores menu, which directs customers to their closest salon information page, with embedded details about physical location, landline phone number, opening hours, store-specific website and email. 

The Stores menu will include separate pages for the Murray Bridge and the Norwood salon, which we will ask for your attention in the next announcement. 

During the launch process of the Norwood salon, The Nail Bar Murray Bridge will remain open normal business hours, without any disruptions caused to your visits.

For the time being, Murray Bridge customers are encouraged to send enquiries or book appointment using the established communication channels, which include: 


Phone: (08) 8532 6880


The Nail Bar management team hopes to receive your support and patience throughout this process of remodeling our business to operate efficiently in the long-run. 

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