Does Dipping Nail Last As Long As Acrylic Nail?

Everyone wants a quality manicure. And by quality, we mean perfectly filed and polished nails that last. Dipping nail and acrylic nail are the two most beloved types of manicure that add both strength and length to your nails. Between the two, acrylic nails are oftentimes crowned the longest-lasting manicure. However, does it? Does dipping nail fail the durability test OR does it last just as long as their acrylic counterpart.

To begin, let’s discover some basic facts about dipping mani and acrylic mani.

What is Dipping Mani? 

Dipping nails, or commonly referred to as SNS nails, use a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is then dipped into a jar of pigmented powders that give both colour and strength to your nails. Dipping powder can be applied on your natural nails. Or else, for those who want extra length for their nails, opt for a full-set of dipping manicure that provides tip extensions to elongate your fingers.

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The pros 

  • The application and removal process for dipping nails is fairly quick and simple.
  • When finished, dipping nails look natural and feel light. 
  • Dipping powder hardens on its own without the aid of UV light. Because of that, dipping manicure helps you avoid exposure to UV lights that cause accelerated ageing of the skin. 
  • Dipping powder is packed with nutrients, such as Vitamin A, D, E, B5 and Calcium, which makes this type of manicure healthier for your nails in the long-term. 
  • Dipping powder has less fumes and tends to be odourless, which makes it a healthier choice for your nails and body in the long-term. 

The cons  

  • Dipping powders can’t be used to create intricate nail art. However, this isn’t necessarily a limitation to having dipping nails. To resolve this issue, gel-polish can be used to hand draw a nail art on top of a SNS base.

What is Acrylic Mani? 

Acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that’s combined into a soft ball , shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. When it cures, acrylic creates a strong, colourless layer on top of your nails. Following this, a gel-polish of choice is usually painted over your acrylic to give your nails colours. 

Similar to dipping powder, acrylic can be applied on your bare nails, which is called acrylic overlay, or it can be applied on top of tip extensions, which is known as acrylic full-set.

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The pros 

  • Acrylic nails will dry and harden naturally, without the use of a UV lamp. This helps protect your hand from overexposure to UV lights that causes skin ageing.
  • Acrylic is the go-to manicure for someone who wants really long nails that make a fashion statement. 
  • There’re a wide range of nail designs, from simple to intricate looks, that can be created on acrylic nails. 

The cons 

  • The application and removal process for acrylic nails is slightly more time-consuming . 
  • When finished, acrylic gives a heavier feel on your nails than dipping manicure.
  • Acrylic emits more fumes, which makes it a less healthy alternative of nail enhancement. 

Now onto the key question: Are dipping nails as durable as acrylic nails? 

Although it was commonly misunderstood that SNS doesn’t have the equivalent lasting power as acrylic; in reality, our experience tells us that dipping nails are just as durable as their acrylic pal, in which they both can stay strong after 2-4 weeks.

But if your dipping nails break early, it could be due to: 

  • Your hands might regularly have been in contact with water, especially hot water, which causes your nails to tear and break more easily. 
  • Your nails might have been exposed to acetone, which is commonly found in cleaning products, paints, shoe polishes or pesticides. 
  • You’re working a heavy-duty job, and daily frictions from your job might have caused your nails to crack. 
  • Your nails are too long! This one may be obvious, but one of the best ways to prevent your SNS from breaking is to keep them on the shorter side, especially if you’re busy with your hands in your day-to-day life. 

To enhance the lifetime of your dipping nails, you should

  • Avoid using your nails as tools. Instead, baby your nails, be gentle with them. 
  • Protect your nails from exposure with water and acetone. A useful way to practice this is wearing gloves when doing house chores, and when dealing with household chemicals. 
  • Keep your nails short if you often work with your hands.


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