5 Tips To Care For Your Acrylic Nails At Home

Acrylic nails are artificial nail extensions that are placed on top of our natural nail bed.

Nail lovers adore acrylics since it allow them to have attractive customised design that last for weeks.

As much as we love to have them every single day, these artificial nails isn’t maintenance-free.

Indeed, acrylic nails do need some tender loving care in order for them to last long, break-free and damage-free.

Since lockdown has stopped us from having regular check-ups with nail technicians, there are ways to make sure your nails stay gorgeous until our city is “back to normal”. Read on as we share 5 tips, suggested by our nail techs, on keeping your acrylics looking fresh for as long as 4 weeks since your last salon visit.

1. Baby Your Nails:

The number rule of having acrylics is to be gentle with them. Avoid - at all costs - using your nails to open can, pry things, lift heavy objects or bang them against hard surface.

Doing so doesn’t only break your acrylics, but also increase your risk of damaging underlying nails.

Leopard Nail Design. with baby pink

2. Keep Them Dry:

Overexposure to water can loosen the acrylic glue, which increase the chance of breaking your nails. To avoid this, we highly recommend you to use gloves when doing chores that require contact with water, for example washing dishes, wiping, moping, doing laundry and others.

Also, right after washing your hands or bathing, make sure to completely dry your nails.

butterfly stiletto nails

3. Avoid Acetone:

Acetone is a primary ingredient in most of nail polish removers. Exposing to acetone causes your acrylics to break down.

Unless you intentionally want to remove your acrylics, you wouldn’t want to use acetone on your nails. However, watch out for your household products as some of them may carry acetone, for example cleaning products, paints, shoe polishes, pesticides and others.

If you’re skeptical about some products, look for acetone in the ingredient label before using them with your bare hands. However, it’s best to protect your nails by wearing gloves when dealing with household chemicals.

Pink nails

4. Don't Pick Or Bite:

Are you a serial nail bitter, or cuticle picker? If you’re not, your acrylic nails would be glad.

However, if you do, try to cut off the habit of biting by chewing your favourite gum instead (it helps de-tress too!).

For cuticle-pickers, applying cuticle oil on a daily basis can reduce your desire at picking the skin.

Aboriginal Flag Nails

5. Avoid DIY, Wait Till You Get Professional Care:

In the worst case scenario: your acrylic nails accidentally chip or split, don’t try to repair it by yourself.

Doing it yourself can increase the risk of infection, so make sure to be patient and get professional care when Adelaide lockdown is lifted.

fuchsia pink ombre nails

The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. salons remain closed until Wednesday, 28th July 2021.

However, our online booking is 24/7 available so that clients can actively re-schedule up to 24h before the appointment.

If you need an acrylic repair or refill, BOOK NOW with Us.

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