6 Super Foods You Should Eat To Grow Stronger Nails

A luscious plant doesn’t only look good on the outside, but also healthy on the inside.

Like a luscious plant, growing beautiful, strong nails need inner consumption of nutritious food. What are they and what nutrients do they offer?

Let’s scroll through the 6 super foods of a nail health diet that you can start eating today.

1. Lean meats:
Nails are made of protein, so eating more proteins will boost nail strength and growth. Proteins are found abundant in lean meats. Lean meats are meats with low fat content, but packed with essential proteins.

Chicken, turkey and beef are choices of lean meat that you should add to your diet.

Lean meat that grow stronger nails

2. Salmon:
Besides lean meat, salmon is also a source of protein, that provides extra healthy fats, biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and B12 that keep nails from breaking, splitting, peeling and falling apart.

Salon with biotin, omega3, proteins, fatty acids that grow stronger nails

3. Berries:
Berries are rich in antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals that help protect body cells from damages, which also apply to nail cells.

Strawberries, blueberries and grapes are full in antioxidants berries, that are great options for a sweet snack, at the same time, great for your nails.

Strawberries, blueberries and grapes with antioxidants that grow stronger nails

4. Natural Vitamin C:
Vitamin C helps produce collagen, that supports nails resilience. Strawberries, tomatoes, oranges and capsicums carry natural vitamin C that can easily be found in any supermarkets or in your nearest local shops.

Orange capsicum tomato with natural vitamin c to grow stronger nails

5. Leafy Greens:
Leafy greens like spinach, broccoli and kale comes with iron, folate and calcium that give your nails a lush and shiny feel from the inside out.

Kale spinach avocado broccoli greens for growing stronger nails

6. Nuts and seeds:
Nuts and seeds contain a mixture of healthy proteins, fats and minerals that contribute to growing strong nails, especially in the case of almonds and sunflower seeds.

Almonds are high in proteins and magnesium, that are essential in cell formation and prevention of vertical ridges on nails.

Sunflower seeds contain manganese and copper, which are essential for the synthesis and production of connective tissue in bones and cartilage, thus also strengthening nails.

Nuts and seeds to grow stronger nails
At The Nail Bar, we see beauty as shining from the inside and outside. 

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