5 Amazing Benefits of Lash Lift That Make You Rethink Eyelash Extension & Falsies

Have you ever wish of getting up in the morning and not having to do your eyelashes? The thing is, this wish of yours is entirely achievable with a 20 minutes Lash Lift appointment.

For anyone that is still confused about the terminology, Lash Lift uses a combination of silicon rods and a nourishing solution to lift and lengthen your natural eyelash into a desired style of your choice, ranging from a soft curl to full-drama. 

In comparison with eyelash extension and falsies, Lash Lift is a better choice for 5 following reasons: 

1. Lash Lift is a faster, less pricey alternative to eyelash extension: 

Getting an eyelash extension is both a time and financial burden.

Firstly, an eyelash extension appointment usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. This is probably not an ideal option for time-poor moms, busy officers or business women.

Meanwhile, at The Nail Bar, having certified by Elleebana, a lash lift appointment could be done in just 20 minutes!

Also, in financial term, a lash lift saves you twice on the initial price of an eyelash extension. Going for the lash lift alternative will save you bonus cash and still promise to look good!

2. Lash Lift offers more lasting results than eyelash extension: 

An eyelash extension could easily be damaged by the habits of plucking or rubbing the eyes. It also requires refills every 2-4 weeks.

Meanwhile, a lash lift maintains the captivating appearance for up to 12 weeks or until new hair grows. This will save you both time and money spent on re-visits. 

3. Lash Lift require little aftercare: 

Lash Lift only require care during the first 24 hours after application.

You're recommended to avoid steam, hot showers, warm water, saunas, makeup, rubbing and sleeping on your face (this is the hardest part, but trust me it's totally worth your patience).

However, just after the clock hits 24, you are free to do anything with your eyelashes, even elevate it with some mascara. 

Contrastingly, eyelash extension require persisting aftercare. For how long - as long as you still wish to have them. The aftercare list restricts playing, picking, rubbing eyelashes, applying oil based mascara, eyeliner, swimming, saunas, and on and on. 

Having an eyelash extension will just add stress to an already long list of your worries. 

4. Lash Lift help avoid damaging glues from eyelash extension and falsies: 

At The Nail Bar, to perform Lash Lift, we uses a nourishing solution, that is full of amino acids, proteins and vitamin, to naturally curl and lengthen your original eyelashes.

Differently, eyelash extension and falsies use chemical glues to attach fake synthetics, that could potentially strip off your natural eyelashes if not careful. 

5. Lash Lift offers a natural look: 

Unlike falsies, in which, some of them could look noticeably fake, lash lift will breaths liveliness to your face with fuller, natural looking eyelashes. With The Nail Bar lash lift, we just work with what you naturally have and make it WOW!

If you would like to request a Lash Lift appointment, book now with one of The Nail beauticians. 

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