10 Pedicure Treatments That Make Healthy & Happy Feet

Everyday, our feet enable us to come and go anywhere we wish. Their walks allow us to get to school, to arrive at work, and to achieve so many great things we are long dreamt from. 

Have you ever realised that your feet never take a day off. So, it's becoming even more important that you give your feet some de-stressing and pampering care more often. Let pedicure, a cosmetic and therapeutic treatment of the feet and toe nails, does you this good work. 

At The Nail Bar, we offer 10 pedicure treatments that love-wrap, relax and recharge your feet.

1. Mud mask: 

Mud mask is extracted from specified areas that are especially rich in minerals. Mud mask offers  a natural anti-aging solution. It also cleanse, exfoliate and enrich your skin with natural minerals. 

2. Foot soak: 

Soak your feet in our salon crafted bath salt help sooth your feet muscles, hydrate the skin, as well as to soften calluses for effective exfoliation in the next steps. 

3. Cut & Shape Toe Nails: 

Cutting and shaping toe nails are essential steps in any pedi, since they help keep your toe nails dirt free, prevent ingrown nails and unwanted bacterial infection. 

4. Cuticles Trimmed and Buff: 

Get an aesthetically-pleasing pedicure look by having your cuticles trimmed. Cuticles trimmed will be followed by nails buffing, which help maintain nail polish adherence. We all love our toe nails to be neat-looking and long-lasting. 

5. Leg Exfoliation: 

Say goodbye to stubborn dead skins on your legs and feet by applying exfoliation. Not only does it cleanse away impurities, exfoliation also increase the effectiveness of skin care products by enhancing absorption, as well as improve the skin texture. 

6. Callus Treatment (extra service): 

Calluses are dry and crackling build-up skins that are often uncomfortable. Calluses could potentially cause feet pain if it get thicker and remain untreated. This problem is solvable by applying the callus treatment, which smooth away calluses and soften your skin. 

7. Lotion massage: 

De-stress your hard-working legs and feet by giving them a satisfying and relaxing lotion massage. Lotion massage has been long proved to improve blood circulation, relieve aches and pains and promote better sleep. Lotion massage is especially effective in alleviating edema during pregnancy, which is characterised by swellings in the feet and ankles. 

8. Gel Colour: 

ls by applying your favourite get colours. You definitely need no designer heels to elevate your walks, as you already are confident in your bare feet :) 

9. Cuticle Oil:

A few drops of cuticle oil after coloured toe nails help to protect your nails and cuticles against environmental stressors, for example UV rays, intense sports, exposure to chemicals, pollution. The oil also carry the benefits of moisturising and stimulating nails growth. 

10. Paraffin Wax (extra service):

Paraffin wax is a form of heat therapy that rewards countless benefits. The paraffin treatment improves blood circulation, minimise muscle spasms, reduce inflammation, relieve arthritis pains, and at the same time, boost the skin moisture level. 

With The Nail Bar 10-steps pedicure treatment, you will be ready to walk out with a silky and polished feet! 

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