SNS Nails Adelaide

Your Destination For SNS Nails Adelaide And Nail Dipping System

Established in 2018, The Nail Bar Beauty & Co delivers a wide range of SNS Nails Adelaide using our nail dipping system. We have a team of skilled technicians who will give you access to innovative and authentic SNS products. Our team provides premium products and services to ensure we use consistently high-quality products.

Our SNS nails in Adelaide created from our nail dipping system allow you to custom paint and decorate your nails. You can choose from a vast collection of sparkling rhinestones, crystals, diamonds, stickers, and patterns. We also offer SNS Ombré, Swirl Lines, French Tips and Zig-Zags as we want to ensure we can offer a full range of designs. With many of our technicians having over ten years in the industry, you can expect to convert a simple service into an experience to remember.

SNS Nails Adelaide

Affordable SNS Nails Adelaide And Nail Dipping System

SNS nails in Adelaide and our nail dipping system are different from your average manicure services. The designs are made of powder and our technicians will allow you to dip your fingers into a pot of coloured powder, use a bonding liquid to secure the colour, and then repeat the process a few times. The design requires no UV/LED light for curing to get your fingernails a flawless shine or lavish matte you have always desired.

Our pricing is affordable with a complete set of dipping colour starting from $65, a full set dipping French from $75, and a full set design from $75. The reapplied colour starts from $55, reapplied French from $60, and redone with design from $65.

If you have dry hands, you can experience our paraffin treatment for $10. Besides making your skin soft, the paraffin treatment also boosts blood circulation. This in conjunction with our SNS nails and dipping system will promote a durable outcome that contains nutrients that help strengthen the natural bed.

Durable SNS Nails Adelaide And Nail Dipping System

At the Nail Bar Co, our SNS nail Adelaide and nail dipping system come in several styles. You can create beautiful designs like zig-zags, French manicures, or a single feature colour. SNS nails allow your imagination to go wild, leaving you happy with the appearance of your nails. Our qualified technicians will also make you feel like a family by providing you with a friendly and relaxing environment. Our mission is to empower people to take care of themselves mentally and physically. We work to become the most trusted company for nails and beauty services. As such, we are committed to ensuring we provide the best and satisfying services to our clients. Our technicians are constantly looking for new ways to improve our SNS nails in Adelaide and our nail dipping system to ensure you only receive the best possible service. We understand that taking care of yourself is not a one-day job, and we are here to help so talk to our technicians about the best products to maintain your beauty at home!

The Nail Bar Co is more than just a beauty salon that provides SNS nails Adelaide and nails dipping systems, we provide a range of beauty services, so book today!