Shellac Manicure Adelaide

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A Shellac Manicure in Adelaide is among the best ways to keep your nails healthy and beautiful. Shellac nails are a type of long-wear nail polish and with over 1000 shades to choose from at The Nail Bar Beauty & Co Norwood and 500 in Murray Bridge, you can’t go wrong! This type of manicure combines two kinds of polish; gel and traditional polish, the gel allows your manicure to be long-lasting. Whereas the traditional polish gives your nails a shine and an excellent pop of colour, our technicians will expose the combination of these polishes to create your desired shellac effect.

At The Nail Bar Co, we deliver the best shellac manicure in Adelaide to help you both look and feel beautiful. Our shellac manicure services include options for all genders and are tailored towards your design preference. We are here to provide you with this deluxe manicure and our technicians have over ten years of experience, so you can trust us to provide you with a fantastic experience. Furthermore, at The Nail Bar Co, we provide you with a friendly and relaxing experience so that you can feel like family and not just a customer.

Shellac Manicure Adelaide

How A Shellac Manicure In Adelaide Works

At The Nail Bar Co, our shellac manicure in Adelaide will help you relax your hands. As we use them all the time, and we must take proper care of them. Our beliefs of fulfilment come from the act of service to others, as such, we have a high-qualified team to ensure you get the best shellac manicure possible. To produce the desired results for the shellac manicure, you need three coats of polish, two polish, and one topcoat. Each layer of nail polish requires exposure to LED light to cure. The result is stunningly designed shining nails that deliver long lasting results. Your shellac manicures in Adelaide involves more than providing you with a way to pamper yourself, our shellac manicures helps to keep your hands moisturised while also making your nails look beautiful and healthy.

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By visiting our qualified technicians regularly for a shellac manicure in Adelaide will go a long way to improving your overall mental and physical wellbeing. Some people avoid shellac manicure because they feel like UV lamps may be harmful to their skin, however, studies suggest that the risk from UV lamps used in shellac manicure is minimal. As such you there is no reason to skip your salon trips.

Our experienced technicians are constantly striving to innovate new services to satisfy your needs. We want to inspire you to look and feel beautiful and improve your confidence. The Nail Bar Co is more than a beauty salon, as, besides our services, including our shellac manicure in Adelaide, we will always welcome you warmly as we truly want you to have a phenomenal experience.

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