Nail Salon Adelaide

Your Nails Matter

Founded in 2018, The Nail Bar Co. have brought together an incredible team of beauty experts who, some of which have been in the industry for up to 10-15 years! We offer a range of beauty products and services packaged in the care and love of our team. This is inclusive of deluxe manicures, pedicures, microblading, lash lifts & tinting and of course, designer nail salon services in Adelaide.

Our two Nail Salons in Adelaide are based on Norwood and Murray Bridge. Thousands of satisfied clients have recognised us as one of the best beauty experts in the areas. Our services and products are designed for those who seek to be pampered with affection.

We ensure to make every client feel at home. We are known for our pedicures, and we recently launched our 60-minute deluxe pedicure special, so rest assured our salon is filled with services that are irresistible. Whether you want to wax, microblading or lash lifts and tint, we do it all.

Nail Salon Adelaide

What We Offer At Our Nail Salon Adelaide

Our Nail Salon in Adelaide is filled with a range of services that are loved by every self-care enthusiasts. Some of these include:

Acrylic Nails

    If you have been struggling to get the desired nail look, your time for worry is over. Our beauty experts are well versed in using the Acrylic Nail System to help you achieve the nail design of your dreams.

    Dipping Nail System

      If the acrylic nail system is not the right fit for you, then we have the dipping nail system as an alternative. It is more durable and lighter in weight. This nail system offers more strength as a dipped nail session can last for weeks.

      Deluxe Manicure / Pedicure

        We are known for providing the best-pampered manicures and pedicures at our Nail Salon in Adelaide. The whole treatment includes extra care for your hands, nails with a massage and nail polish for the final touch.

        Nail Salon Adelaide

        More Than Just A Service

        Our ideology is providing a therapeutic treatment at our Nail Salon in Adelaide instead of just a service. We treat all our clients as if they are family and offer them care that they just love. This is one of the reasons why are our reviews are filled with high numbers of positive responses.

        You will never feel that we just let you go after the treatment. Your well-being is important to us. As a result, our beauty experts make sure that they teach you a thing or two and inspire you to do practice more self-care. The cosy and wholesome environment at our Nail Salon in Adelaide complements our caring approach to providing beauty services.

        So, if you have made the decision to get Microblading completed in Adelaide, you know where to find us. Book your appointment online with us today! Our experienced and passionate team cannot wait to assist you!