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Welcome to the exclusive realm of The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. Membership, where Health-care meets Nail-Care. Why feeling good once in a while. when you can feel good on a regular bases.

The Silver Experience

Membership includes for all SILVER packages:
$10 worth of free nail repair.
10% discount on premium in-store products.
Service Options (Choose one):
Biweekly Colour Club: $35 every 2 weeks (Gel polish change on natural or acrylic nails).
(EMA) Acrylic Colour Refill: $70 monthly (Change color with EMA monomer).
Dipping Colour Redo: $60 monthly. Manicure with Gel Polish Redo: $55 monthly.
Pedicure with Gel Polish Redo: $60 monthly.
Acrylic with Gel Polish: $58 monthly.

The Gold Experience

Membership includes for all GOLD packages:
$15 worth of free nail repair.
15% discount on premium in-store products.
10% off additional services.
Package Options (Choose one):
(EMA) Acrylic Colour with Pedicure: $129 monthly.
Acrylic with Gel Polish and Pedicure: $118 monthly.
Dipping Colour Redo with Pedicure: $119 monthly.
Manicure & Pedicure with Gel Polish: $115 monthly.

The VIP Experience

Membership includes for all VIP packages:
Deluxe Pedicure with Gel Polish Colour change.
Paraffin treatment.
$20 worth of free nail repair.
20% discount on premium in-store products.
20% off additional services.
Package Options (Choose one):
(EMA) Acrylic Colour powder refills $149 monthly 
Acrylic refills with Gel Polish $138 monthly
Dipping Colour Redo  $139 monthly 
Manicure with Gel polish change $135 monthly 
Note: Each membership is valid only at the selected salon location.

Discover a World of Luxe Beauty with Our Memberships

🌟 Elevate Your Beauty Routine: Our memberships aren't just about nail services—they're about transforming your routine into an elevated beauty experience. Choose from our memberships and dive into curated luxury at your fingertips.

💅 Consistent Care: Bid goodbye to chipped nails and outdated polish. Our memberships ensure your nails are always on point, reflecting your style and mood with precision and flair.

💰 Savvy Savings: Indulge in the beauty without the hefty price tag. With generous discounts on nail repairs, premium products, and additional beauty services, your membership pays for itself in no time.

🎨 Express Yourself: Our vast array of color and treatment options means you're never stuck with the same look. From the Biweekly Colour Club to the VIP Acrylic refills, your nails will speak volumes about your style.

🍃 Holistic Beauty Treatments: It's not just about looking good, but feeling fabulous too. Our memberships include rejuvenating treatments like the paraffin therapy—because beauty is as much about pampering as it is about aesthetics.

🔄 Flexible Options: Whether you're in the mood for a Gel Polish Redo or an Acrylic Colour Refill, our memberships have you covered. Choose services that align with your needs, ensuring beauty on your terms.

🌐 Consistency Across Locations: No more variations in service quality. Our VIP membership ensures consistent top-notch service, even if you switch salon locations.

Join the Exclusive Club: Membership isn't just about beauty; it's about belonging. Be a part of an exclusive club that values aesthetics, quality, and individual expression. Enjoy the prestige of being a Silver, Gold, or VIP member.

Your beauty journey deserves more than just sporadic treatments—it craves a consistent, luxurious, and personalized experience. With our memberships, you're not just another customer; you're a valued member of an exclusive beauty club. Dive into the opulence, cherish the consistency, and wear your beauty with pride.

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 "will never go anywhere else now!" - Kleo Trajkovic 

"Wonderful service and I loved what they did with my nails." - Lisa Rowntree. 
"Fantastic service.. xx thanks everyone 😁😘" - Wendy Schubert
"My nails are perfect as always, I love all the girls at the castle plaza store, great and friendly staff." - Micheala Coghlan
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