Lash Lift Adelaide

Lift Your Lashes

A Lash Lift in Adelaide is a great treatment to make your lashes look better if you want to enhance the current look. The Nail Bar Co. has beauticians who are well versed in lash lifts as well as other beauty and self-care services, including lash tints, deluxe manicures, pedicures, and nail design.

The experience combined with our mission to make premium beauty care readily accessible has made us popular as one of the most professional and fastest beauty salons in Adelaide. We understand that enhancing your features can better assist you in generating a better sense of self. Our lash tints and lash lifts in Adelaide can help you to have renewed confidence and a brand new look!

Lash Lift Adelaide

A Lash Tint And Lash Lift Combination In Adelaide

We believe that our lash lift treatment in Adelaide goes hand in hand with our lash tints. Our beauty technicians use a silicone rod to attach the lashes using a water-soluble glow. When the lashes are in the new desired position, we apply our natural and premium lotion to keep the lash hair lifted. The final step is the setting lotion, and your lash lift will be complete.

On the plus side, if you have lashes that are not prominent due to the light colour, do not worry. There is no longer a need to apply mascara every day! Our lash tint is designed to intensify the look of your natural lashes. Imagine a more defined tinted eyelash with a lash lift procedure in Adelaide. A completely new look that you must try on!

It is ideal to go for a lash tint if you have light lashes. Once you have defined your lashes, you can enhance them with a lash lift treatment to give them more volume.

Who Needs A Lash Lift

Anyone can get a lash lift in Adelaide. There are no pre-requisites for it. However, the outcome of a lash lift has can have a great effect on everyone. Your natural lashes are enhanced with a higher amount of volume and curl.

Alternative To Lash Extensions

If you have reactions to eyelash extensions, then a lash lift can solve the issue for you. It is extremely low maintenance and a more natural solution.

Long-Term Solution

Contrary to an eyelash extension, a lash tint and lash lift in Adelaide combined does not only enhance your look. It can also be a better long-term solution. This is primarily because it does not damage your natural lashes.

If you have been thinking about getting either a lash tint and or lift in Adelaide, now is the time to book an advance appointment. Put some time aside for yourself and book in with one of our talented team members! Our experts at The Nail Bar Co., cannot wait to assist you!