Best Pedicure Adelaide

Looking For The Best Pedicure In Adelaide?

The Nail Bar Co. is proud to offer the best pedicure services in Adelaide. We started offering deluxe pedicure services in 2018 and in just two years, we have opened another salon in Norwood. Our dedicated team of professionals, in addition to the kind reviews from our satisfied customers, led us to expand our first-class services.

Today, we have developed our own line of products, including body butter, hand cream, hand soaps, bath salts, home scents and scrubs. Customers continue trust us because we are consistent in terms of the quality of service and products that we use.

Our salon is a one-stop solution for all your beauty needs. Our premium services are not just limited to pedicures. If you are looking for other beauty services such as manicures, microblading, lash lifts and tints, brow tints and even waxing, we have highly trained beauticians who can handle it all.

Best Pedicure Adelaide

Why You Should Get the Best Pedicure in Adelaide

You can trust our experienced team of talented beauticians to give you the best pedicure in Adelaide. A pedicure can have a significant impact on your overall lifestyle. Here is why:


    Nicely polished and groomed toes do not only look good but can boost your confidence when wearing your new sandals or slippers.

    Dry Skin

      Pedicures help you get rid of dead, dry skin around the big toe and heel area, which can make your feet smoother.

      Nail Health

        Nail buffing not only gives them shape and a neat look, but also promotes blood flow to the area. This keeps your nails healthier and shinier.


          We have pedicure packages that include a foot and leg massage. It is the source of relaxation and de-stressing that make you feel better. The massage also promotes blood flow to this area, keeping them healthy.

          Nail Colors

            You can match nail colours with literally anything, and it becomes a fun activity for you. We only use nail colours and associated products which last long.

            Why The Nail Bar Co. is Best For Pedicures in Adelaide

            Ever since we started operating in Adelaide, people have regarded our pedicure as the best. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction, in addition to high-quality services.

            Attention To Details

              Our team is dedicated to providing deluxe pedicure services to all clients. With years of experience at hand and professional training, there is no one who can do pedicures better than our beauticians.


                Whether it is our customer service or products, quality is one thing that is consistent. We put in all the effort to ensure the client is fully satisfied.

                Deluxe Experience

                  We have made deluxe affordable for everyone. Clients do get not only quality pedicures but also get enhanced comfort and support at our salons. You will love spending time with us!

                  Best Pedicure Adelaide
                  If you want to experience the best pedicure in Adelaide, make an appointment in advance!

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