What Is Feet Calluses And How To Prevent Them?

Have you every noticed thick build-up skin on your feet that makes walking a little uncomfortable?

These patches of hard, thickened skin are known as feet calluses. They often appears on the heel, big toes, the ball of your foot and along the side of your foot.

Why am I getting feet calluses?

Calluses is actually a response to friction and pressure against the feet. They’re natural defender from your body that helps prevent blisters and damage to the feet skin.

The most common cause of calluses is wearing poor-fitting shoes. Shoes and high heels that are too tight compress the feet area which accelerate the development of calluses. Footwears that are loose cause your feet to slide and rub against the shoe, which also give rise to the problem.

We don’t normally think much of socks, but they play an important role in preventing calluses. Socks add protection which help minimise the force against the feet. Skipping socks makes your feet more prone to developing calluses.

Standing, walking or running for a long periods of time are also popular causes of calluses as these activities intensify the pressure against your feet.

Other possible causes of feet calluses include:

  • Walking on barefoot 
  • Participating in intense athletic activities 
  • Having bunions or hammer toes 
  • Having damaged sweat glands, scars, or warts on your feet

How to treat feet callus?

Although feet callus is very common, as almost taken insignificant; however, untreated calluses can cause tremendous discomfort, or even pain when walking.

Here’re 5 ways you can implement to treat feet callus:

    • The first rule is to be gentle to your feet. Make sure to take rest after long periods of walking or doing sports. 
    • Wear shoes and socks that fit well
    • Apply a foot cream on a daily-basis, like our Epoch Sole Solution, to moisturise, sooth the skin and prevent cracks on the feet
    • Do a 20-minute feet soak with warm water at home. You could also add The Nail Bar soothing foot soak to further soften the feet. After drying your feet, gently rub the callus with a pumice stone. 
    • Treat your feet to a salon pedicure, for example The Nail Bar Forever Happy pedicure package with Callus Treatment for only $10 extra.

These steps are quick and easy remedies for feet calluses. However, if you have calluses that are painful, split open and become infected, you should seek help from a doctor or a specialist.

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