What Do Your Nail Colours Say?

Is anyone getting excited the moment when you arrive at a nail salon, and right away handed over a basket of myriad nail polish colours to choose from? No exception, picking a polish shade is a task I very much enjoy!

Nail polish colours make our hands look pretty, but also reveal something about who we are.

Are you a believer in colour psychology? Are you a believer in fortune telling?

If NO, you're about to say yes by how much and how accurately your nail colour say about you.

1. Beige:

Beige mixes the warmth of brow and the freshness of white. Beige is widely used in fashion and interior design, which represents simplicity, grace, sophistication and cleanliness. Wearing beige polish recognises a person who lead a clean, calm and quality-focused life.

Beige nails with glitter

2. White:

If wearing white polish, you’re a chic, classic and confident type. You’re adaptable and balanced in a crisis. You’re also a good listeners to your family, partner and friend.

Simple white nails

3. Black:

Black conveys strength, power, boldness and rebellion. If wearing black, you’re truely 2021 Cruella de Vil, who is a Girl Boss, a fashion icon, a trendsetter that is dare to challenge the norm and doesn’t conform to what life has set out for her.

Black toenails

4. Red:

Red speaks of heat, passion and confidence. If wearing red, you’re someone who is brave, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Red polish will truely shows off the diva side of you.

Red nails

5. Pink:

It’s no surprise that pink polish projects a very feminine energy and mindset. Pink nails identifies someone who is kind, optimistic, sensitive and charming.

Pink nails

6. Yellow:

Yellow is associated with happiness, the sun and warmth. A love for yellow polish suggests that you’re very optimistic and hopeful about the future. This hue also identifies people with bohemian style, who are adventurous and artistic.

Yellow nails

7. Blue:

Blue conveys tranquility, trust, honest and consistency. Blue could represents someone who has a long-term vision for their life, making them a trustworthy partner or friend.

Blue nails

8. Green:

Green is closely linked to nature and balance. This colour identifies peacemakers, who are diplomatic, analytical, practical and intellectual.

Green Nails

9. Lavender/Lilac:

Lavender and lilac are softer shades of purple, that represents grace, dream and imagination. People who paint their nails lavender/lilac are often intuitive, introverted, wise and creative.

Lavender lilac nail colours

10. Neon:

Rocking a neon shade tells that you’re up for a good time. You’re full of energy, chatty with a “life is too short” attitude. You’re also the life of the party and doesn’t hesitate to strike up conversations with new people.

Pink neon long nails

The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. have over 1000 shades for you to choose from, inclusive of SNS and Shellac.

What is your favourite nail polish colour? What story are you trying to tell? Pick a colour, our nail technician will help to tell your story. BOOK NOW with us!

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