The Nail Bar Top 10 Favourite Beauty Products

The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. has always had a great reputation for offering deluxe services that left customers leaving the salons feeling nurtured and pampered every time. Our secret in maintaining a deluxe quality is to source the best nail and beauty products on the market.

Let’s now discover our Top 10 salon signature products that we use, and you can also start using at home or supply for your business.

1. OPI GelColour:

OPI might just be the most iconic nail polish brand of all time. Like our customers, The Nail Bar nail technicians love OPI for its high-quality, heavily pigmented, long lasting and chip resistant gel polish. Our most-loved OPI GelColour is Bubble Bath. What’s your favourite shade?


2. LeChat Perfect Match:

LeChat is an award-winning and cutting edge nail polish brand headquarter in the U.S.. LeChat has always been the premier professionals choice for nail supply across over 40 countries. The Nail Bar’s favourite LeChat products are Perfect Match gel polish and 3In1 Colour Powder. Their products are heavily pigmented, long-lasting and create results that are perfect looking.

3. The Nail Bar Dipping Gel Base No.1:

With a vast knowledge of what our customers need, in 2021, our team has started develop our own line of nail products. Dipping Gel Base No.1 is a product that we’re proud of for the quick-dry, light weight and firm prep that it provide for dip nails. Our base product will also keep your salon odour-free, healthy and safe for visitors.

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4. The Nail Bar Dipping Gel Activator No.2:

The Nail Bar Dipping Gel Activator No.2 dries quickly, which help make sure the dip powder perfectly cured and the outcomes flawless looking. Our activator reacts splendidly with No.1 base to create satisfying outcomes.

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5. The Nail Bar Dipping Gel Top No.3:

Our top coat provides a strong, durable and chip-resistant protective layer that create long-lasting nails for more than 14 days. The Nail Bar top doesn’t require curing under the UV or LED light, which protect your hands from anti-aging effects.

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6. The Nail Bar 2 IN 1 Sheer Powder:

The Nail Bar 2In1 dipping powder is professional and perfect for dip nails, but can also used to create acrylic nails. Our sheer powder help create strong, durable, crack-resistant nails for weeks.

7. Anti-aging Hand-cream:

Our Anti-aging Hand Cream contains generous amount of Vitamin E, that helps prevent and restore your hand skin from damages and aging effects. Using Anti-aging Hand Cream on a regular basis will add moisture, prevent wrinkles and rejuvenate a youthful look for your hands.

Made In Australia Anti-aging Hand Cream

8. Elleebana Lash Lift Formula:

The Nail Bar lash beauticians are trained to use the globally renown Elleebana Lash Lift formula for our customers. Elleebana Lash Lifting gives the appearance of longer, thicker, darker lashes that can last up to 12 weeks in one safe 20-minute professional treatment. The formula is also enriched with amino acids, proteins and vitamin complex to create stronger natural lashes.

Elleebana Lash Lift In Adelaide

9. PhiBrows Microblading Formula:

Our brow technicians are trained to provide PhiBrows for our clients, which has one of the world most popular microblading treatments. PhiBrows Microblading is a hyper-realistic technique of drawing fuller, well-defined eyebrows manually. The process is entirely safe with high-quality pigments and sterilised tools with highest precision.

Phibrows Microblading In Adelaide

10. Epoch Sole Solution Foot Treatment:

Epoch® Sole Solution® Foot Treatment is a rejuvenating foot cream of NuSkin for those suffering from rough, dry or cracked feet. The cream features crushed allspice berry (Pimenta dioica) — traditionally used by the indigenous people of Central America. We highly recommend this products to our customers who want to combat persistent dry, cracked, red skin on their heels, toes and sides of their feet.


The Nail Bar products are available for purchase in-store and online. Shop Now!

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