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Women paint their nails as a symbol of health, femininity, and confidence. As we continuously upgrade our creativity in life, so do our nails.

Nail art is a creative way to decorate and enhance nails, and one type of nail art accessory is rhinestone jewellery.

What is Nail Art Jewellery?

Nail Jewellery is another way of customising your nails after a manicure or pedicure. Usually, stickers are not the only accessory used in this type of nail art. Some accessories like beads, wire, gold, crystal and the most used rhinestones add more fashion and uplift the creativity of your nails.

How are nail art jewels being done on normal polish & gel-polish?

Normal polish 

Attaching gems with nail polish is only advisable for short-term use, as nail polish doesn’t have the same staying power as gel polish. Still, it can be the right choice if you frequently return for regular manicures or try out some bling before committing to anything more.


This method is strong enough to adhere even to the largest of stones. No special surface preparation is needed. The gel is applied, and the crystals are placed directly over the cured colour or set acrylic.

How long do nail art jewels last?

This nail art design is estimated to last up to two weeks. However, the two weeks do not guarantee that the design will last; it all depends on the level of care you give to your nails.

Types of Nail Jewellery

Nail Tips

Gem tips already have the design on the nail. This type is a major time saver when you want a stylish nail to look fast. These glittering tips attach to painted nails. There may be a hint of glitter or a small row of stones that decorates the seam where the tip and the nail meet.

Sticker Gems

Sticker gems are the easiest ones to use to decorate your fingernails. If you’re having a hard time thinking about design, you may choose sticker gems. These press-on nail gems are ideal for young girls and amateur fingernail artists.

Glued Gems

Glued on gems are heavier and often shinier than their less expensive counterparts are. These tiny art pieces do not have an adhesive backing glued in place. Semi-precious stones and even diamonds may also be nail gems. Expensive glued gems can be reusable but should be cleaned and stored properly.


Nail Art Jewellery by Occasion

There are a lot of nail art designs to choose from, depending on style, season, and event. The perfect nail jewellery design plays a big part in each occasion as it emphasises the outfit and looks chosen for the event. Here are some fabulous and enchanting ideas to inspire your next set of nails. 

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Wearing nail jewellery with a diamond design is perfect for your big day. Soft pink with white colours gives the design and event more bridal vibes. Your hands will look more healthy, fresh and ready to wear that promising ring. 

Ps, Congratulations! and Shine bright like a diamond on your big day!

Chic and Classic

Nail jewellery with pearls gives a chic but classy look. If you plan to attend a formal event, this design suits them the best. Pearls are not flashy as diamonds, but they are perfect for wearing.

Vibrant Gems

Different and bright colours of gems respond to an active energy type of personality. Wearing a nail jewel with a gem hits a different confidence level. You may want to add the colour of your birthstone and wear whatever style you want that still matches your nail design. Wearing proper attire on specific occasions is important as it leaves an impression. So do your nails.

Taking Care of Your Nail Jewels

1. Wear Gloves to Protect Your Nails

If you wash dishes daily in your household, it will affect the wear of your polish and nail art unless you invest in some cleaning gloves to protect your hands. If you are going to have your hands immersed in water, it’s always a good idea to wear gloves for protection. It will keep your hands from drying out as much. You can also protect your hands when washing your hair and not soaking your nails. Water is especially hard on your natural and flexible nail bed manicures.

2. Treat your Nails Carefully

Be gentle with your nails. Rough work or movement may affect the crystal or rhinestone and loosen it.

3. Avoid Using your Nail as a Tool

Keep the work of your nail as it should be. Using your nail as a tool might loosen the nail jewels.

4. Visit your Nail Technician

To keep your desired design, visit your nail technician every two weeks.

If you attempt or decide to remove and change your jewelled nail art, do not pry or try to scratch them off. Avoid picking at your nails. You can visit your nail technician at the nearest The Nail Bar Salon to remove them safely without damaging the nails underneath.


Our nails play an important role as they protect the sensitive tips of our fingers and toes. Nail care will keep your nails healthy and strong. A little upgrade to it is a must, too.

To achieve your desired nail jewel design, book your appointment with us. For more Tips & Advice, visit our Tips & Advice section for more informational blog posts covering nail health and well-being. 

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    This article is about nail art jewelry. It discusses what nail art jewelry is and the different types that are available. It also provides tips on how to care for your nail art jewelry. Some of the important points from this article are that nail art jewelry can be used to customize your nails and that it is important to take care of your nails when you have nail art jewelry on.

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