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Manicure and pedicure, though sound similar, which lead to some people to think that they’re the same thing. But, there are some major differences! 

If you’re baffled between which type of care, manicure or pedicure, do you need, then this blog post is for you to make an informed decision.

Keep scrolling for the differences between manicure and pedicure. We’ll also share some of the health benefits of getting regular manicures and pedicures because guess what, there are!

What is a manicure?

Manicure comes from manus, meaning hand, and cure, from curare, meaning to care for. From a salon point of view, a manicure usually involves cleaning, shaping and polishing your fingernails. 

What is a pedicure? 

On the other hand, pedicure comes from pedi, from ped meaning foot, and curare, meaning to care for. In a salon scene, a pedicure usually includes cleaning, shaping and polishing your toenails. 

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How are they different?

There’re major differences between a manicure and pedicure. Well, for starters, they’re two distinct treatments, whereas a manicure focuses on the fingernails, a pedicure is done to the toes. 

The steps that are involved in each treatment are also different. 

For instance, a standard manicure usually involves trimming, shaping of nails, a cuticle treatment and application of nail polish. A deluxe manicure includes the same process, plus other treatments, such as exfoliating and massaging of the hands.

Like a manicure, pedicure also involves similar steps, for example filing, shaping of toenails, tidying of cuticles, exfoliation, leg massage and application of regular polish/gel-polish. A pedicure also offers treatments that are exclusive to the feet, such as a feet soak, a leg mud mask, a heel scrub or callus treatment.

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Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure Treatment

Although they’re different things, a manicure and pedicure both provides many benefits to enhance the look and health of your fingernails and toenails. 

  1. Remove Dead Skin:
    A manicure and pedicure both offer an abrasive exfoliating agent that helps remove dead skin cells to make your nails look smooth and luscious.
  2. Enhance Nail Strength:
    Manicures and pedicures includes a number of steps, such as massage, exfoliation and mud mask, that improve blood flow to your nails, which help strengthen weak nails, while reducing the risk of breaking your nails.
  3. Reduce Ingrown Nails, Bacterial Infections and Fungi:
    Having regular manicures and pedicures by a professional nail technician, which we recommend every 3-4 weeks, can help reduce the risk of fungi, bacterial infections and ingrown nails significantly. 
  4. De-stress:
    Not only improving the look and health of your nails, manicures and pedicures are great stress remedies, that help your nerves to relax and rejuvenates. 

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We hope our blog post help you find the information you need!

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Shammy Peterson
Shammy Peterson

March 26, 2022

It caught my attention when you said that manicures and pedicures can help your nerves to rejuvenate and relax, sp they are a great stress remedy. My sister and I have been so stressed these past few days due to the demands of our work. We are planning to meet this coming Friday to bond and de-stress, so we will definitely consider pedicures and manicures. http://www.adeviaspa.com/servicess

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