Glossy Top VS Matte Top. Which Choice Should You Make?

Manicure is a retreat for your nails and hands. It allows you to look good, as well as to feel good.

However, manicure isn’t entirely an effortless retreat since there are quite many “A or B” questions you need to answer in order to leave with the right look that perfectly fits your preference.

For example: Do you want SNS or Shellac? Do you prefer Acrylic over SNS? Would your hands look better in light or dark nail colours?

One of the most popular ‘dilemma’ our customers face is choosing between a matte and glossy finish for their nails.

Keep reading to find out how are the two finishes different in look, creative options and durability.


Glossy Nails 

Almost everyone starts their nail game with glossy nails. Classic, elegant and glamorous are words that describe glossy nails.

Glossy top is more versatile that matte top. It fits whatever designs you can think of, from a simple French tips to anything more intricate. Given its shiny look, glossy top combines perfectly with glitters, chrome texture and sparkling charms.

Regarding colour, glossy top elevates all hues, including hot and cold colours, light and dark shades.

Another pro side to wearing glossy finish is that it lasts longer, and require low-maintenance than a matte finish.

Adelaide Nail Technician  

Matte Nails

For those guided by the latest trends and celebrity fashion, matte nail polish won’t be distant to you. Once applied, matte top gives your nails a twist with a modern, and sophisticated look.

Matte top suits a wide range of design options, especially designs with a minimalist, ‘low-key’ accent, like nails with basic lines and shapes. Ombre and marble are also popular choices for matte top creations.

Regarding colour, matte nails go well with dark colours, that scream character and confidence of the women who are wearing them.

Some ladies prefer a light matte colour, that offer a clean and chic look to the hands. However, light matte nails could easily get stained with make-up if not careful.

Another downside to wearing matte top is that it chips faster. It also loses it matte-ness faster and reverts to being shiny. If you’re matte-ness obsessed, bear in mind that it demand higher maintenance than its glossy sibling.

Adelaide Matte Top Nail Design


Wrap Up

Glossy top satisfy the crave for long-wear nails and creative designs. Meanwhile, matte top emerges as a vacation from glossy finish, which help freshen your nail game with something special and cutting-edge.


Have you made your choice? DM us a picture of your wanted nails. Whether glossy or matte, we’ll do our best to make sure your expectations are exceed!


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