Everything You Need To Know About Base Coat & Top Coat

You may wonder why your nail tech applies a base coat, nail polish and top coat in a certain order. It is because base coat and top coat polish play a specific role in looking good and ensuring your manicure or pedicure lasts long and is durable. This article discusses the difference between base and top coat and their benefits.

What is Base Coat

A base coat works as your nail's protective layer. It offers a barrier between nail polish and fingernails. A clear, sticky consistency is painted into the nails before applying the nail polish. Sometimes nail beds develop ridging, and base coats work to smooth it out for a better nail painting experience.

What is Top Coat

The top coat is applied over your nail polish to seal in colour. Its main purpose is to protect your nail polish from chipping and damage while keeping it looking glossy. It also helps strengthen your fingernails. 

The three Benefits  of Base Coat

1. Prevent your Nails from Getting Stains

The main function of a base coat is to make your nail polish adhere firmly to your nail and helps to prevent peeling and to chip. It also helps prevent stains. Some nail polishes consist of a lot of pigments and dyes that can cause your natural nails to get stained. Frequent uses over your nails can cause your nails to develop a yellow tint. The base coat is a thickening agent to prevent the dyes from penetrating your nails.

2. Nourishes Your Nail

The nutrients added to the base coats, such as vitamins and proteins, hydrate and strengthen your nails. It helps to restore your damaged and weak nails. This application is essential to you, especially if you're into gel or acrylic.

3. Covers The Cracks on Your Nails

Damaged nails tend to be filled with ridges and cracks, making your nail polish uneven and dull. Base coat allows your nails to look smooth and even by filling these cracks and ridges

The three Benefits  of Top Coat

1. Protect Your Nail Polish and Prevent Stains

A top coat protects your nails by making a durable layer over your nail polish to protect it from damage and scratches. It also keeps the water from directly contacting your nail polish. Too much water exposure can speed up the rate at which your nail polish peels. A stain-resistant top coat protects your nail polish from getting stained easily.

2. Keeps Your Nail Polish Glossy

If you want to achieve a long-lasting glossy polish look, the top coat serves its purpose, as it protects the colour.

3. Helps Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

Fast-drying top coats are applied thinly to speed up your nail polish's drying time and ensure your nail polish lasts longer.

 As you take more care of your nails, it is important to know the differences and benefits of the basics, such as base coat and top coat. To prevent discolouration, keep your mani intact, and discourage chipping and cracking the nail polish's colour, adding base and top coat to your manicure and pedicure is helpful.


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