8 Signs You Have Healthy Nails

No one likes the look of a chipped, brittle, flimsy or black-lined nail. And when you nails appear bad, it might be that your body is not functioning well. According to Dr. Sara Norris, a naturopathic doctor, nail health is closely associated with nutrition intake and your overall health.

That’s why in order to understand your body performance, it’s important that you become fluent in the indicators of nail health. Keep on reading to learn more about the 10 signs of healthy nails.

1. You nails are pink or mauve colour:

Healthy nails generally appear to be a pale pink or mauve, as it reflects the colour of the nail bed underneath. This shows that you are well hydrated and have a good blood flow to your tissues.


2. Your nails are not full of ridges:

Although vertical ridges in your nails are common, horizontal ridges might signify a problem. Horizontal ridges can develop across the nails, that are known as Beau’s lines. These lines could also indicate nail injuries, unmet nutrition needs, systematic illnesses, drug reaction, or even high fever. It’s important to consult with your doctor when you notice abnormal ridges in your nails.

3. They don’t break easily:

If your nails are especially soft, flimsy and brittle, chances are you’ve developed Koilonychia, which is commonly known as an outcome of iron deficiency, or Onycholysis, which happens when the nails seperate from its pink nail bed.

However, if your nails seem strong and rarely split, chances are they’re healthy.

4. They aren’t bitten short:

Are you a nail serial bitter? If you do, think twice about doing it again, given that chronic nail biting can lead to permanent shortening of the fingernails. Bitting your nails often can even lead to ingrown nails and infectious cuticles.

5. Your nail fold isn’t puffy:

Puffy nail fold might indicate inflammation, nail infection, fungal colonisation, lupus or another connective tissue disorder. It’s important that you go see a clinician when this happen.

6. Your hands, nails and cuticles are moisturised:

Keeping your hands, nails and cuticles moisturised year-round is the first-step in maintaining shiny nails, at the same time promoting nail growth. Applying hand cream on a daily basis to keep your hands, nails and cuticles hydrated, smooth and silky.

7. There are no dark lines in your nails:

Black lines on the nail could alarm serious health problems, for example endocarditis, psoriasis, nail infections, nail fungus, lupus and other medical conditions. The appearance of dark lines in the nails could also indicates subungual melanoma. According to Healthline, is a type of skin cancer that begins in the nail matrix.

If black lines are absent on your nails, chances are they’re perfectly healthy.

8. You don’t have nail fungus:

If you nails are thickened, discoloured (turn yellow-brown), brittle, crumble at the edge, distorted in shape and have an unpleasant smell, chances are you’ve developed nail fungus. If your nails have the following symptoms, it’s crucial that you consult with a nail specialist or a podiatrist.

How did you score? We hope that you got a 8/8 score. If you spotted a sign that isn't on this list, DM us through Facebook & Instagram, our experienced nail technicians are more than happy to give advice.

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