5 Facts About Cuticle Your Nail Tech Wants You To Know

Everything needs a strong foundation to build upon and we believe your cuticles are the foundation to strong and healthy nails, are you taking proper care of them? Our nail techs have put their heads together to come up with some great information and advice to get you started.

The Nail Bar Beauty& Co. Blog - Cuticle Care Tips

Fact 1: Your cuticles have a purpose.

Your cuticle sits atop of your nail’s growth matrix. The matrix is the most sensitive part of the whole nail structure and can be easily damaged. It is the nerve centre for your nails controlling the health of your nails, developing new cells and pushing forward old cells as the nail grows through. The cuticle acts as a barrier of protection for the nail matrix, it protects your nails from bacteria and infections, incorrectly cutting them can leave you exposed and damage to your matrix can cause ridged nails, discolouration and nails that break easily. 

Fact 2: Don’t cut your cuticle.

There is a misconception that you need to cut your cuticles, however when you visit your nail salon it is not the cuticle that is being cut it is the area of dead skin around the cuticle that is cut to prevent hangnails and encourage the growth of the natural nail. It can be difficult for the untrained eye to differentiate the difference between the cuticle and the dry dead skin that needs to be removed. That is why you should consider visiting your local salon first to ensure it is done correctly to prevent any damage to the health of your nails.

Fact 3: Moisturise, moisturise.

Just like your skin does, your cuticle can get dry, crack, peel and flake. Keeping your cuticles moisturised is just as important as your skin. Incorporate cuticle care into your daily skin care routine. After moisturising your hands be sure to save a little for your cuticles. Also be sure to carry a hand moisturiser with you at all times and apply some after washing your hands to maintain the health and feel of your hands. Some salons also offer paraffin wax, soaking your hands in the hot wax is a great treatment for your hands and cuticles, leaving them softer and well moisturised.

Fact 4: Stop Picking!

You know the bit of dead skin that hangs out of your nail that is so satisfying to pick at and bite off, well don’t. Tugging at or picking at this bit of skin will make it worse, it can lead to swollen and infected fingers. It is part of the dead skin that is cut away during your manicure and is considered part of your cuticle. Many people will try a bite or chew at their cuticles not knowing that saliva is an enzyme that breaks down skin, it not only makes it worse, but it can cause infections.

Fact 5: It’s all about maintenance.

Keeping your cuticles oiled up prevents dry skin around the base of your nails. Massage in cuticle oil before bed to give your body time to regenerate. The massage will also stimulate blood flow speeding up nail growth and improved nail health. 

Overgrown cuticles can cause you many issues, you'll want to practice regular nail hygiene, cleaning, filing, and clipping. However, without proper training it's difficult to cut the cuticles safely and correctly. See a professional who can trim the excess skin and provide you with the correct advice and aftercare products so that your cuticles can remain healthy and beautiful.

The Nail Beauty & Co. Blog - Cuticle Care Tips

Keeping your cuticles trimmed, cleaned and moisturised should be an important part of your daily routine. Cuticle care is often one of those things that are just forgotten about, it can be easily incorporated into your daily skin care routine and will lead to stronger and healthier nails for years to come.

The Nail Bar Beauty & Co. offers a range of services and products to ensure your nails are always strong, healthy and feeling great. Be sure to speak to one of our consultants about your cuticle care routines for tips and recommendations.

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