3 Smoothie Recipes To Boost Nail Health

Health and beauty are, in many ways, almost synonymous.

The world's most beautiful nails don't sustain if they're weak and brittle on the inside. But then, nails that are fragile and flimsy don't look good either.

It's so important that you make the choice to take care of your nails, starting with consuming the essential nutrients.

Check out our 3 smoothie recipes for healthy nails that you can DIY at home.

Have fun making them, and remember to take pics!

Recipe #1: Happy Nails 

Berries Smoothie Boost Nail Health

The stars of this smoothie recipe are spinach and the berries. Spinach is packed with calcium, iron and zinc; these nutrients help strengthen nails, and prevent white lines and spots from appearing under your nail beds. The berries in this recipe is a great source of vitamin C, which helps promote collagen production that keep nails strong and flexible.

Recipe #2: Joyful Nails

Mango Strawberry Smoothie Boost Nail Health

This smoothie is packed with omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts and chia seeds, that help lubricate and moisturise your nails, giving them a glowy appearance. These fatty acids also do a good job at reducing inflammation in your nail bed, which promotes the health of cells that give rise to your nail plate.

The combination of mango and strawberries don’t only give good taste, they also provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C, that give strength to many tissues, which prevent brittle nails.

Recipe #3: Delighted Nails 

Green Smoothie To Boost Nail Health

The avocado in this smoothie is full of niacin, and vitamin B3, which transforms carbohydrates into energy, that boost blood circulation to the nails, and improve mobility of the joints. It also help keep your nails looking youthful and shiny.

The addition of almond milk provides plant proteins, which build nail structure and adds skin.

Have fun making them, and remember to take pics!

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