25 Spooky Nail Arts To Wear In Halloween 2021

Are your claws ready for the up-coming Halloween season? If not, here's our Halloween Nail Art collection, that get handpicked by The Nail Bar technicians.

From creepy spider webs to bloody vampires, here are 25 spooky manicures to recreate in your next appointment.

1. Black-and-White Bats - @nailslpc.xo

These nails are painted with bat flying against a starry night sky, on top of a sheer pink base. With neutral tones and a minimalist accent, this nail will look good on everyone.

2. Halloween Night - @badbabesnail.co

If glossy nails isn't your thing, and you love matte nails instead, consider wearing this halloween-night set.

3. Spooky Cuties On Pink - @melous_nails

For people who love halloween and pumpkins but don't fancy orange on their nails.

4. Cartonny Halloween Art - @pop_polished

Not all Halloween nail art designs need to be ghoulish, and this look by @pop_polished proves it. Wear these doodles and be obsessed!

5. Ghosted - @gianasiska_

Aren't these nails boo-feautiful? With only black and white colours, these nails are simple to recreate, yet spooky to get you ready for the holiday. 

6. Spiderwebs Nail - @nailzkatkat

These square claws and spiderwebs are perfect for Halloween. We start off by painting your nails with a sheer base. Then we begin create unique spider webs in French manicure style.

7. Flame Tip Nails - @respektnails

Aren't these nails hot? But if neutral tones bore you, try recreate this design for Halloween with stronger colours, for example, red, orange or even purple. 

8. Bloody Nails - @b.patrycja.art

When in doubt, bloody nails are the way to go this spooky season.

9. Gothic Cobweb Nails - @susyglambox

Aren't these claws spooktacular? First, we file your nails into your fav shape, (doesn't need to be square shape). Then, we draw a classic French tip, and add a black cobweb to finish the desired look.

10. Stitched Nails - @thejemzco 

Blink and you'll miss this bold stiched nail design. It's a cool look to celebrate the Halloween season.

11. Googly Eye Spiders - @nailed_by_kenna 

Spiders don't need to be scary, it can just be as cute like this set created by @nailed_by_kenna. This design is also perfect for someone who want short, flexible nails for this year spooky season. 

12. Scream Nails - @spellboundxnails

Do you like scary movies? Get ready to scream for these bloody Mr. Ghostface nails.

13. Spooky & Spice - @msannie.nails 

With a twist of bright orange and cartoony designs ,this set will add extra joy to October's most fun holiday.

14. Sparkly, Spooky Nails - @kdnailartistry 

 Glam up your fingers with these glitter orange nails.

15. Goth Nails - @nailgazms 

Painted with black, these gothic stiletto claws will match well with whatever costumes you choose to wear on the Halloween day.

16. Black Spiderweb Nails - @nailzbyliz_

For another cool twist on the spiderweb, try doing it in black tone. 

17. Smoke & Ask - @_nailsbynee

Glossy, dark, and oh-so-mysterious, everyone will be asking where you got your nails done with this manicure.

18. Hell's Fire Nails - @audreyfaithartistry 

Are you wondering what Halloween design could you wear on super short nails. Here's something you can try. Without added length, these nails look no less cool than other options. 

19. Jack-o'-lantern Nails - @strawberrymilknailsx

Of course, you can't have Halloween without Jack-o'-lanterns, whether you carve them yourself or have your nail technician do it for you.

20. Bat On Nude Nails - @annelizabeth87

This cute nude set, with a bat on one fingers, is a good reminder that not every Halloween look has to be full-on ghosts and goblins. 

21. Spiderweb, But make it more fashion - @nailzkatkat

If French tips happens to be your #1 choice, then this cobwebs design on French mani is perfect for you.

22. Dracula's Teethes - @tbdnailsalon

Also known as “fang nails”, these ten acrylics are painted with red and white colours to mimic Dracula's teethes during spooky season.


23. Bloody Massacre - @nailsbytalyy

If you're dressing up as the blood-drenched teen queen, match your costume to your nails with this bloody red set.

24. Pumpkin Tips - @nail.art.by.tea

If you want a cute edge to your Halloween nails this year, consider this pumpkin nail art on almond shape. 

25. Abstract Horror - @thehotblend

This set is a subtle representation of Halloween horror. Also, consider this set if you're looking for a design that last you long after the Halloween season has gone. 

Book Now a Halloween nail art with one of The Nail Bar technicians. Our #1 tip to get spooktacular nail design is to DM us an example picture of your desired look before attending your appointment.

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