20 Valentine Nail Ideas You'll Absolutely Adore

Valentine’s Day might be known as a holiday full of chocolate, greeting cards, and loads of romance, but it’s also the perfect excuse to pop into a nail salon to give yourself a mani makeover and a little dose of self-love.

Whether you're a fan of minimalist masterpieces or bold pops of colour, ahead, you'll discover 20 of our favourite Valentine's Day nail look that are far from cheesy.

Pinky-promise, you'll fall in love with at least one.

1. Pink Swirls:

This cute Valentine’s Day nail art design stays on theme with the colour palette but looks more slightly more sophisticated with swirl patterns and hand-painted hearts.

2. Plenty of Hearts:

Let it be clear that there's nothing wrong with hearts for Valentine's Day (or ever). If you want to keep it classic with a heart design, check out this modern sheer pink nail.

3. Pink and Nude:

These high-shine pink nails have earned thousands of likes—and for a good reason. With seasonal nail art, trendy double French tips and almond nail shape, what’s not to love?

4. Pastel Outlines:

If you couldn’t already tell, we’re in love with this elegant look that features pale pink outlines and well-placed negative space. This look also stays seasonal with little heart prints on two fingers on both hands.

5. Ace of Hearts:

This nail look reminds us that finding love is all about the luck of the draw with this design that mimics a deck of cards.

6. Hearts Fluttering:

Is there a better occasion for this manicure than Valentine's Day? Plenty of hearts styled in different ways and polka dot pattern make the perfect accent nail.

7. "Eye" Love You:

If you love Comme des Garçon, wear the brand's cartoon heart on your nails this Valentine. It's sure to impress your most fashion-forward friends.

8. Red Glitter:

These long, glossy nails by nail artist @linettes.glamournails are given extra shine with glittered red polish. But instead of crafting a heart on just one nail, she brought the shape together on two nails — an unexpected and incredibly pretty twist.

9. French Tips with Hearts:

Make your all-time favourite French mani seasonal and special with a few little hand-drawn hearts at the tips.

10. White Edges:

Looking for a minimalist way to show off your Valentine’s spirit? These nails will do the trick. With white edgy French tips, and little heart prints, this look is super elegant, especially when pair with almond shape.

11. Modern Red Mani:

Looking for a new way to rock Valentine red nails—preferably without coating your entire nail bed in the bold hue? Look no further than this abstract swirl nail art. With two slightly different shades of red, you can create high contrast and head-turning allure.

12. Loads of Love:

Add loads of sparkle and glamour to your Valentine day with this glittered manicure.

13. Kiss Kiss:

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to smother each other (and your nails) in kisses. This adorable kiss design is the perfect way to turn a regular neutral manicure into something special for Valentine's Day.

14. Pop of Pink:

If flaming hearts and on-the-nose nail charms aren't your style, then this reversible French manicure is for you this Valentine. This look is simple, chic and good-looking for both short and long nails.

15. Golden Hearts:

If red and pink is not your colours, then consider wearing this mani with gold hand-drawn hearts. This look also matches perfectly with your favorite gold rings, bracelets and necklaces with a metallic mani for a super polished and put-together look.

16. Colourful Hearts:

Looking for a fun way to do your Valentine nails? Try @diamondstudio colourful manicure. With colourful heart pattern on two nails and neon pink on the rest, this look is nothing if not bright and fun.

17. Purple Tips with Hearts:

Purple is an unexpected shade for Valentine—but incredibly cool—base to go with simple drawn heart shapes.

18. Black Heart Nails:

For when you’re not really a Valentine’s Day person but still want cute nails, this checked pattern tip mani with a black heart is for you.

19. Black and White:

With slim French tips and black and white colour palette with nicely drawn hearts, what’s not to love about these chic negative space nails?

20. Love Is A Gift:

This is another black and white mani alternative for you this Valentine. With simple lines, and little heart icons, this look mimics a gift box, reminding us that to love and to be loved is a gift that life gives us.

Which of these cute Valentine’s day nails is your favourite? If you had a design that you adore, make sure to book with one of our nail technician for recreating the look on your nails.

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