20 New Year's Nail Art Ideas To Welcome 2022

New Year's Eve is finally upon us, people, and with it comes glitter eyeshadow, shimmery outfits, and sparkly sparkly nails.  

Novice or expert, you deserve fabulous NY nails. Continue scrolling for our 20 Best New Year's Nail Art (from chrome nails to the perfect NY minimalist mani) you need to screenshot immediately.

1. Prosperity

This New Year's nail set nicely combines gold, white and black, which are the colours to channel all the luxurious, successful vibes for a fresh start in 2022. This set suits all skin tones, and especially elegant if combine with almond/round shapes.

2. Elegance

Swirl nails aren't going anywhere in 2022, so wear this swirl set, which paints gold and silver swirls against a natural base to create a very elegant and classy wear for the New Year.

3. White & Gold

Another swirl nail alternative in white and gold hues. This nail art goes well with almost every outfit you plan on wearing on New Year's Day.


4. Gold Polka Dots

These polka dot nails in gold will make your beginning of 2022 full of excitement and cherishment. To make them really pop, pair them against a nude or light pink nail.

5. Go For The Gold

The French mani is here to stay and for NYE, we say opt for a metallic gold tip that will instantly dress up any basic base shade.

6. Starry Tips

This nail art captures a little golden milky way galaxy moment. A super dressy wear for the New Year.

7. Gold Foil

If you're not all that into nail art, try a few gold foil tips against a base of nude polish to match your New Year's Eve outfit and accessories. This nail art makes a minimalist, super chic wear throughout the holidays.

8. Black & Gold 1

Few color pairings strike that perfect balance of edgy and glamorous like black and gold. Make your nails your main accessory with this bold combo.

9. Black & Gold 2

An alternative of black and gold nails that makes a stylish wear. This set can easily create with SNS, Acrylic, Shellac or overlay. (edited)

10. White & Gold

Can't stress it enough—gold, gold, and yup, more gold for New Year's Eve nails. Pairing it with a white nail polish gives it a bright, fun vibe.

11. Classic French With A Twist

Want a little bit of sparkle for the holidays but don’t want to be too ~extra~?. Then glam up the classic French nail with a few diamantes to create a subtle bling effect.

12. Reset & Growth

Channel the fresh start and growth we're all hoping for in 2022 with these emerald green triangle French nails. It's a super-unexpected choice that will look cool even when the holidays wind down.

13. Emerald Marble Mani

These marble nails will legit look like works of art on NYE. Add some sparkle by gluing on a few gold stars and finishing with a glossy top coat.

14. Confetti Nails

Don't just limit yourself to gold this New Year's—this pretty lil design starts with a beige base, then adds multicoloured confetti sprinkles on top of every nails. The overall look mimics throwing glitter in the air as the clock strikes midnight, so it's perfectly thematic

15. Be Festive

This is like a whole glitter party on one nail. We love the pairing of green, red, blue, purple and gold metallic glitters. This fabulous nail art creates an abstract look that represents hope, joy and energy in 2022

16. Glam Up

If you're a fan of futuristic fashion, wear these glamorous silver and blue tips on your nails to welcome 2022. Not only look good, by combining blue, silver and the northern star, this nail art help conveys the hope for financial success and renewal in 2022.

17. Cobalt Blue Matte Nails

These blue nails offer a young, modernistic look for the New Year. If you're someone who fancy blue and matte-ness, then this set is meant for you.

18. Subtle

If like a more simplified, minimalist aesthetic, try out this low-key New Year’s Eve nail look. It’s super cute and elegant, but has a touch of nail art with the speckled gold, combined with the slanted French tips.

19. Delicate Gold Tips- @aleksandra_jaworskaa

If you’re looking for something simple that makes a statement, go for this gold French look. Most of the nail is naked, and it has just the right amount of sparkle. This nail design works well for both long and short nails

20. Rose Gold Glitter Tips - @_nailsbymiax

If you're not a fan of straight gold, then why not try these rose gold glitter tips, that’s still glamorous and pretty eye-catching.

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