20 Elegant Bridal Nail Ideas For Your Big Day

Come your wedding day, all eyes will be on your hands. Between the signing of your marriage certificate, the detailed shots your photographer snaps, and the demands to see your new wedding ring, your hands are going to get serious time in the spotlight. So what’s a bride like you to do? Make sure you're rocking a showstopping mani, of course!

From classic bridal neutrals to bolder hues and nail art, the wedding manicure ideas below are a few of our favorites. And we hope you find yours fav, too! 

1. Classic French Manicure:

Let's start off with the traditional French manicure, that is sophisticated and timeless. This makes classic French nails a great choice for stylish brides!

2. Modern French Nails:

Nothing says classic quite like a French mani, but don't think you're obligated to stick with the customary style if it doesn't speak to you. For a fresh take, try adding another colour to the classic French palette, like a pink nude, or try painting your French lines differently like what @nailsbyalsn did. 

3. Double French:

There are other ways to reinvent your classic French manicure for your wedding day, for example, swinging this double French look with a thin arc.

4. Pearly French Manicure:

If you love an elevated classic manicure, try an embellished French manicure for your big day. Pearls will make this look extra chic and elegant.

5. The Ring Finger Accent Nails:

For the bride who loves a clean, sophisticated look, this solitaire pearl is perfect for you. This nail look will also remind the bride and groom that you're the other person's the one and only.

6. Heart-shaped Tips:

We "heart" this adorable mani! The chic heart shape details are perfect for close-up wedding photos of cake cutting and all the hand holding.

7. Dreamy Marble:

A manicure doesn't get much dreamier than this. Fluffy white clouds, or marble art, whichever way you want to call it, is the perfect accent to your wedding dress.

8. Gold Marble:

Add gold foil to your classic marble design to make your wedding nails extra dressy.

9. Elaborate Nails:

For some brides, the wedding day is the time when they go all out with their nails, and this design from @beautynailsclip is certainly that. With French art, ombre effect and a few pinches of gold, imagine how much detail has gone into making these! So pretty!

10. Classy Ombre:

We love how romantic and clean this ombre look is. It’ll also fit all kinds of brides – no matter their personal style.

11. Pink Ombre:

Revamp your ombre look by replacing the standard white tips with pink, because nothing says bridal like the most feminine shade of modern times: pink.

12. Glitter & Ombre:

Why stick with one nail trend when you could have two?! Mix and match your favourite styles to make your own look, like this glitter and ombré polish combo.

13. Speck of Gold:

On your special day, you need to shine, so check out this really cute design from @weddingsbruidsmode that adds a speck of gold to your nails. The color looks great with the milky white background and we’re sure you love it too!

14. Rhinestones:

Rhinestone nails that match your diamond ring? I mean, I can't think of anything more fitting for a wedding. If you're the kind of bride who wants to be dripping in diamonds, add a few crystal studs to your mani.

15. Delicate Nails:

Sure, these nails would look perfectly good with just the coat of nude polish, but the thin white arc detailing and some silver dust give this mani that little extra somethin' your nails deserve for such an important day.

16. The Abstract Wedding Nails:

Another design you may want to try is this swirly gold one. Not only will those cute gold lines make your nails stand out, but they’ll also give you that shimmery element that will make you feel special.

17. Romantic Red:

Bold brides, this one is for you. Look to saturated red hues, from fiery scarlet to deep burgundy, for a romantic feel.

18. Go Beige:

Go for a simple nail look on your wedding day to highlight the showier parts of your outfit. For nails that go with everything and anything—from multicoloured wedding ensembles to layers of jewellery—choose a nude polish that closely matches your own skin tone.

19. Matte Nails

Who said short fall nails were not a thing? ‘Go bright neon orange for a punchy statement manicure.

20. Glitter Nails:

A little bit of sparkle has never hurt anyone and on your wedding day, you can sparkle as much as you want! Check out this cute rose sparkly manicure from @christaallen that we want for every occasion onwards, not just a wedding.

There is a lot to consider and put together for a wedding. However, while you’re going through the motion, try not to forget your wedding nails as they as just as important. We really hope that our bridal nail collection lift some weight off your shoulders and help you make a right choice.

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